Project Management, Communications, and Concepting:
Austin Peete

Creative Direction and Design:
Jacob Poindexter

Concepting and Design:
Mel Isidor

BlackSpace is a non-profit that crafts intentional urbanist experiences to gather, reflect, and ideate on community building and engagement. Across a network of affiliate groups around the nation, the collective creates, protects, and celebrates Black spaces.

Over the course of three months, we worked with Blackspace to design new guidelines for their 2021 creative direction, strategize four social media campaigns, and deliver templating assets to assist the collective’s ongoing design process.

We worked closely with BlackSpace to find a flexible graphic system that embraced their previous work, while looking to the potential for future content. This evolution kept BlackSpace’s core tenets in mind, as outlined in their collective manifesto. The manifesto features a specific symbol for each of its points. These symbols were utilized in the Juneteenth campaign, along with Bayard by Vocal Type.

BlackSpace community members in Atlanta, Chicago, Oklahoma, and Indianapolis were surveyed about their local projects for a series of posts that were released biweekly.

Community members were also surveyed about their ongoing, longterm projects.

By the end of our campaign work for BlackSpace, we were able to increase their Instagram account interactions by 466%, increase the reach of the account by 284%, and set the collective up for continued growth and engagement with a suite of templated social media graphic assets.